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List Of Our Services

Our Services You’re probably here because you need a particular service that we offer. Awesome, we can help with that! You’re probably wondering, what makes Kollydaton Innovations different from every others out there? We’re glad you asked. Here is a list of our services: Here is a list of our services: Bulk Email Portal Setup with email […]

FAQ about Digital Marketing plus 30 days trial

Frequently Ask Question(FAQ) about Digital Marketing 1) What is digital marketing ?: Please kindly visit this link http://www.saporukolawole.com/what-is-digitalemail-marketing-plus-its-17-benefit/ to learn more about digital marketing 2) How will digital marketing help me?: Digital marketing can help you in many ways but few are what we have listed below. 1. Market your imported product directly and get a good response via […]

What is Digital/Email Marketing plus it’s 17 benefit

Digital/Email Marketing: Digital/Email marketing is indeed one of the best marketing technique mostly because it is the cheapest form of advertising as compared to traditional forms of advertising and it is suitable for every industry. As a result and to fulfill the demand, software companies (like us) started to offer bulk email Script & Software. […]

Absolutely FREE Report: Guarantee N250,000 per month from wealth power

HOW ABOUT SHOWING YOU HOW TO START EARNING CONSISTENCE N250,000 MONTHLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Would you be interested? I decided to share you a free info that will change your financial status forever, depending on how you are willing to work’s and start making up to N250,000 per month from the comfort of your home doing simple stuffs […]

How to Stop Wasting Your Time and Start Making Money in 2015

How to Stop Wasting Your Time and Start Making Money in 2015 So I was going through the internet and saw this interesting app which lead me to write this: http://techland.time.com/2014/01/27/how-much-time-have-you-wasted-on-facebook/ You’ve been yearning to start your own business. A business that will help you achieve all your dreams, yet won’t require a huge capital […]

Comparison: Bulk SMS Reselling and Recharge Card Printing Business

Comparison: Bulk SMS Reselling and Recharge Card Printing Business Kola my very close friend and name sake was chatting with me a few week back. And at a point, he told me about his decision to venture into a small business and sought my advice on which option to choose – of recharge card printing […]

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